Configuring Passwordless SSH On CentOS7

When you are jumping from one server to the next or when you’re using automation engines like Ansible for instance, configuring passwordless SSH is a must in order to login to your servers without having to enter a username and password each time. This is done by creating and exchanging keys on the servers so…

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How To Install GIT On CentOS 7

Two ways of installing Git: Option 1: With Yum (simple method)

If all went well and you should now have git installed. Option 2: Install Git from source

After installing the required dependencies go to GitHub site on their release page page to download the latest Git release.   The version at the top will…

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How To Install Ansible On CentOS 7

Installing Ansible is a pretty easy task.  There’s different ways of installing depending on your Linux distro but in this post, we’ll focus on installing it on a CentOS 7 minimal install. Ansible can be installed from package repos such as (yum) or (apt-get) but these versions may not be up to date so in this…

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How To Install Python On CentOS 7

In this how-to we’ll go over installing and configuring Python 3 on a CentOS 7 minimal install. Centos 7 still ships with Python 2.7 as the default so we’ll go ahead and build the latest and greatest from source.   Step 1.  Let’s make sure our system is up-to-date & we have the right packages…

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